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There are certain frequently asked questions and answers.
We will update them so that they remain useful to you. Visit `contact us’ if you have any further questions.

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Security FAQs

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Question CCTV [Video Recording][Remote Control] identically
Question CCTV [Video Recording][Remote Control] It’s not working
Question CCTV [Video Recording][PTZ control] RS-485/422 is not controlled
Question CCTV [Video Recording][Network] Recommended computer specifications
Question CCTV [Video Recording][HDD DISK] Recording is not done.
Question CCTV [Video Recording][Power] The screen is blank
Question CCTV [Video Recording][Power] The power is not ON.
Question CCTV [Video Recording]I'm getting a clear camera picture during recording, but during playback, the picture is not clear.
Question CCTV [Video Recording]The VCR power is on, but the unit does not operate.
Question CCTV [Video Recording]There are noise bars in the picture during playback.
Question CCTV [Remotecontrol]I'm getting continuous V-Loss alarm.
Question CCTV [Remotecontrol]The playback screen does not appear.(Multiplexer)
Question CCTV [Remotecontrol]There is no monitor output screen.
Question CCTV [Remotecontrol]The buttons on the front part are not working.
Question CCTV [DISPLAY]The picture does not appear on the monitor screen.
Question CCTV [DISPLAY]The picture flickers or blurs.
Question CCTV [Camera]It is difficult to connect the cable between the lens and camera.
Question CCTV [Camera]Nothing appears on the screen.
Question CCTV [Camera]The contrast on the screen is too weak.
Question CCTV [Camera]Bright white dots appear on the right side of the screen at night.